• Day 1 Monday, May 21
    8:00- 9:00 Arrivals

    9:00- 9:10 Welcome Magnus Rattray, University of Manchester Data Science Institute

    9:10- 9:45 Data science for public good - harnessing the power of data science at the Data Science Campus, Office for National Statistics Jasmine Latham, Office for National Statistics Data Science Campus

    9:50- 10:25 Humanitarian Applications of Machine Learning with Remote Sensing Data John Quinn, UN Global Pulse, Uganda

    10:30 Coffee

    11:00- 11:15 Gaussian Process Models for Low Cost Air Quality Monitoring Michael T. Smith, University of Sheffield

    11:20- 11.35 Automated quality control for sensor based symptom measurement performed outside the lab Reham Badawy, Aston University

    11.40- 12:15 Leveraging Machine Learning, Citizen Science and Low Cost Sensors for Acoustic Monitoring of Ecosystems: A Case Study in Kenya Ciira Wa Maina, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya

    12:20 Lunch and posters

    13:30- 14:05 Everybody Lies but Not Everybody Tweets: Making Sense of the Bias in Your Data Reka Solymosi, University of Manchester

    14:10- 14:45 Understanding and Predicting Urban Patterns of Crime Toby Davies, University College London

    14:50- 15:05 Using Low-Level Interaction Data to Explore User Behaviour in Object-Based Media Experiences Jonathan Carlton, University of Manchester

    15:10 Coffee

    15:40- 16:15 Data Science for Cyber Security Peter Burnap, Cardiff University

    16.20- 16:35 Analysis of Spatio-temporal Representations for Robust Footstep Recognition with Deep Residual Neural Networks Omar Costilla-Reyes, University of Manchester

    16.40- 16:55 Tensor Analysis and Learning for Multidimensional Data in Brain Imaging Haiping Lu, Sheffield University

    17:00 Posters and drinks

    19:30 Dinner at Iberica
  • Day 2 Tuesday, May 22
    8:00- 9:00 Arrivals

    9:00- 9:35 Offline biases in online platforms Licia Capra, University College London

    9:40- 10:15 Online Users' Behaviour Understanding and Prediction with Data Science Walid Magdy, University of Edinburgh

    10:20 Coffee

    11:00- 11.35 Geo-Locating Twitters Users into Political Places Jonathan Nagler, New York University

    11:40- 11:55 Forecasting the 2018 US midterms: A social panel approach Niklas Loynes, University of Manchester/NYU

    12:00- 12:15 Early indicators of the number of visitors to museums based on Google data Federico Botta, Warwick University

    12:20 Lunch

    13:30- 14:05 Social Networks in Physical Space Ciro Cattuto, ISI Foundation, Italy

    14:10- 14:45 Machine Learning for personalised healthcare Danielle Belgrave, Microsoft Research and Imperial College London

    14:50- 15:05 Tracking dengue in Rio de Janeiro using Google and Twitter: an operationally realistic approach Giovanni Mizzi, University of Warwick

    15:10 Coffee

    15:40- 15:55 A Multiple-Model Generalisation of Updating Clinical Prediction Models Glen Martin, University of Manchester

    16:00- 16:15 Gaussian process approximations for fast inference from infectious disease data Elizabeth Buckingham-Jeffery, University of Manchester

    16:20- 16.55 Student team hacking into problem of veteran suicide Philip Bourne, University of Virginia

    17.00 Close