• Day 1 Monday, May 15 Analytics and Privacy
    8:00- 9:00 Arrivals

    9:00- 9:10 Welcome Magnus Rattray, University of Manchester Data Science Institute

    9:10- 9:45 Beyond Urban Analytics: Stochastic Differential Equations provide Insights to Retail Development in Cities Mark Girolami, Imperial College London and The Alan Turing Institute

    9:55- 10:30 Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting in Neural Nets Raia Hadsell, DeepMind

    10:40 Coffee

    11:00- 11:10 Bayesian Boolean Matrix Factorisation Tammo Rukat, University of Oxford

    11:15- 11.25 A Bayesian Model for Drug Response Estimation and Biomarker Testing using Gaussian Processes Frank Dondelinger, Lancaster University

    11:30- 12:05 Automating Machine Learning Zoubin Ghahramani, University of Cambridge and Uber AI

    12:15 Lunch and posters

    13:30- 14:05 Computational Privacy: The privacy bounds of human behavior Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, Imperial College London

    14:15- 14:50 Secure Multi-Party Linear Regression on High-Dimensional Data Borja de Balle Pigem, Amazon Research

    15:00- 15:10 Confidentiality and Differential Privacy in the Dissemination of Frequency Tables Natalie Shlomo, Univerity of Manchester

    15:15- 15:25 Differentially Private Gaussian Processes Michael Smith, University of Sheffield

    15:30 Coffee

    16:00- 16:50 The Security and Privacy Challenges Raised by Precision Medicine Jean-Pierre Hubaux, EPFL

    17.00- 17:35 Ethical Personal Data: Do Humans and Data Mix? StJohn Deakins, CitizenMe

    17:45 Posters and drinks

    19:30 Dinner
  • Day 2 Tuesday, May 16 Analytics, Visualisation, Software and Applications
    8:00- 9:00 Arrivals

    9:00- 9:35 Efficient semi-complete data likelihood approaches (and making the most out of the BUGS/JAGS black-box) Ruth King, University of Edinburgh

    9:45- 10:20 Enabling open science and data science via software: scikit-learn Gaƫl Varoquaux, INRIA

    10:30 Coffee

    10:50- 11.25 Telling Stories with data Neil Richards, Higher Eductation Statistics Authority (HESA)

    11:35- 12:10 Beyond conscious thought: using data about perception to understand cognition Caroline Jay, University of Manchester

    12.20- 12:30 Automatic Generation of Tile Maps Graham McNeill, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

    12:35- 12:45 Understanding culture with Data Science Timothy Cowlishaw, BBC Research and Development

    12:50 Lunch

    13:50- 14:25 Changepoint challenges: making sense of industrial sensor data Idris Eckley, Lancaster University

    14:35- 15:10 Data-Driven and Science-Driven Statistical Methods in Astronomy and Solar Physics David van Dyk, Imperial College London

    15:20 Coffee

    15:45- 15:55 Scalable and Adaptable Network Resilience Weisi Guo, University of Warwick and The Alan Turing Institute Data Centric Engineering Programme

    16:00- 16.35 Cloudbursting: analysing massive weather data in the cloud Niall Robinson, Met Office

    16.45 Close